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The great majority of families in the communities cook on open wood fires in small smoky huts.
This causes continual respiratory diseases for women and children and a large amount of fuel is wasted.

Although large parts of Chiapas are still forested, due to the increasing demand for fuel and extensive logging the forest cover has reduced dramatically in recent years. Ecological stoves are a major step forward in reducing the health problems associated with cooking on open fires. There are over 200 toxins in smoke produced from burning wet wood, and these stoves release very little smoke into the room. They are also much more efficient, using up to 70% less wood and reducing levels of deforestation.

The stoves also have a major impact on the lives of women in the communities who are almost always the ones who go out to get wood. The stoves Kiptik helps build are made from fired clay burners that sit in a cinder block or brick base, surrounded by stones to preserve heat and maximise efficiency. Each stove takes a day to build and costs around £80 / €90. The clay parts are made by women's cooperatives in the communities and almost all the material needed to build the stoves can be sourced locally. They are simple to use and maintain and can last for up to 15 years.